We Have Arrived In Berlin

After 11 hours at JFK in New York, we finally boarded our plane and took off for Berlin.  We arrived in Berlin later than anticipated, around 3.p.m., but our wonderful guide, David Wajntraub, was waiting for us with food and coffee at the airport.  We boarded the bus and spent the rest of the afternoon taking a walking tour of the Scheunenviertel Neighbourhood. During our tour we visited, the “Missing House,” sited several Stolpersteine, visited the Oranienburgstrasse Synagogue, the Gross Hamburger Strasse, Jewish Cemetery and the grave of Moses Mendelssohn, and the Jewish Home for the Aged.  We ended the walking tour at the Bebelplatz, which was the site of the 1933 burning of books and a walk to the Brandenburg Gate.    The bus picked us up at the Brandenburg Gate and took us to our hotel where we checked in and had a nice welcome dinner.  We met Nashvillian Gina Kuhn-Deutscher and enjoyed sharing stories with her and learning about her work here in Berlin.  Gina is going to join us on the tour tomorrow and we will post some photos for everyone at home to see.  Tomorrow we begin bright and early at the Tiergarten Memorials. Enjoy our photos from today’s adventure.

Grave of Moses Mendelssohn

The grave of Moses Mendelssohn who was considered the great “modernizer” of the German Jewish people


Gross’s Hamburger Strasse, Jewish Cemetery


Site of the Jewish Home for the Aged


Sculpture Monument at gate of Grosse Hamburger Strasse, Jewish Cemetery


At the Bebelplatz, site of the 1933 burning of books


Stolpersteine-“Stumbling stones or blocks” placed in memory of Jews who perished in Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Norway, and Ukraine.


Our guide, David Wajntraub, sharing information with our group at the Bebelplatz, the site of the 1933 burning of books


Our group at the Brandenburg Gate

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