Our Second Day In Berlin

We started our day by meeting a local scholar from Berlin, Tanya, served as our expert guide for the day. We began our day at the T4 Memorial, commemorating the first victims of the Euthenasia program. Then we spent time studying at the Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe designed by Peter Eisenman.We walked through the memorial which Tanya explained is designed to be a memorial with no boundaries because history doesn’t remain within boundaries. Walking through the monument we all felt a bit disoriented and Tanya explained that this was done purposefully and with the idea that the mass of individuals murdered was experienced by that each piece of the monument is individualized to represent the individuals killed. We then, visited the underground museum connected to the monument and viewed the architecture and viewed diary entries from individuals who perished in the Holocaust. We viewed photos and artifacts of families eliminated during the Holocaust. Tanya took us to an outdoor market where we ate lunch and sampled some local food. After lunch we took a bus to the Wannsee Haus, the site of the 1942 Wannsee Conference. were able to shop. Everyone was struck by the fact that mass murder/genocide was planned and organized in such a beautiful place. From Wannsee we went to Gleis 17/Track 17 at Grunewald Station, the site of deportation of Berlin Jews. We ended our day at the Berlin Wall. Tomorrow we leave Berlin and travel to Krakow, Poland.


Memorial of the European Murdered under the Nationalist Socialist Regime


Wannsee Haus


Tanya at Track 17, the site of the deportation of Berlin Jews


Track 17 at Grunewald Station


A memorial at the deportation site


Touring Einstein’s Neighborhood to view sign memorials on the street which memorialize several of the racial laws


Sign which commemorates a racial law banning Jews from owning pets


Sign which commemorates a racial law banning Jews from owning pets


A memorial to a lost synagogue


Jen Underwood poses next to the Berlin Wall


Train tracks marking the dates and destinations for deportation


A memorial to the deported


At Track 17 deportation site

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  1. Thanks Jennifer for your posts. Thanks for reminding us of the hatred in this world. And to remind us to never let it happen again

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