Arrival In Krakow

Our journey to Poland started with a traditional Polish lunch. As we entered Krakow, we passed the “castle like “residence Hans Frank resided in as he ran the General Government established by the Nazis in Poland. Our guide, David, then took us on an extensive tour of the Kazimierz district. Below are the places we visited. We were so excited to view the statue of Jan Karski in the center of town. David was surprised to learn that we all knew about the film “Jan Karski and the Lord’s of Humanity” and Tom Wood the narrator and script writer. Tom, you are a rock star here in Poland! Not only did you make us proud but you supplied us with restaurant recommendations we will check your suggestions out. Tomorrow we spend the day at Auschwitz-Birkenau.


David shares a map of the Kazimierz district in Krakow.


David orients the group to the Kazimierz district in Krakow.


Restaurants in the Old District.


Interior of the Remuh Synagogue the first synagogue in Krakow.



Interior views of the Remuh Synagogue.


Remuh Synagogue’s centuries-old adjacent cemetery. The wall surrounding the cemetery is partially constructed with fragments of tombstones from WW II era desecrated Polish Jewish cemeteries.


A gravestone in Remuh Synagogue’s centuries-old adjacent cemetery.


The “castle like “residence occupied by Hans Frank as he ran the General Government established by the Nazis in Poland.


The group enjoyed a traditional Polish lunch together.

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